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Code of Conduct
National & International interest
The Yashprabha group is committed and aspires to be reputed in the world market as “Quality Conscious Leaders” in line with our reputation in the Indian market.
The Yashprabha group company’s business conduct shall be beneficiary to our country and the local community, in the area of its operation, the same shall be in context with the prevailing laws.
The Yashprabha Group Companies would abide to all the statutory requirements for the purpose of functioning in its trade practices and compliance with local laws

Equal opportunities employer
A Yashprabha Group company shall provide equal opportunities to all who aspire to progress, not only professionally but also personally. Originality and ethical work practices will be stressed and encouraged. The work culture shall uphold innovation and appreciate efficient & effective measure towards achieving targets.
The human resource policies of the group company shall promote diversity and equality in the workplace.
Employees of a Yashprabha Group shall be treated with dignity and in accordance with the group policy of a work environment which is free of all forms of harassment, whether physical or verbal. There would be a respect for the right to privacy.

Donations and Gifts
A Yashprabha Group Company and its employees shall never entertain nor receive, offer or make any illegal payments, remuneration, gifts, donations or equivalent benefits directly or indirectly that are intended, to obtain favors for the conduct of its business and individual benefits.
However, normal gifts which are customarily & given in remembrance / tribute may be accepted or offered.

Statutory agencies
A Yashprabha Group company and its employees shall not, offer or give any company funds to any government agency or its representative, directly or through mediators, in order to obtain any favorable performance of official duties. Yashprabha Group Company shall comply with government rules and regulations and shall be transparent in all its dealings with government agencies.

Health, safety and environment
Yashprabha Group Company’s shall strive to provide a safe, healthy, clean working environment for its people. The Group Companies, in the process of manufacturing and sale of its products, shall endeavor for socio-economic and environmental safety.

Quality of products and services
The manufactured products & services of Yashprabha Group companies would be of international quality standards in line with the requirements of its customers, whilst aspiration to make the group known as “Quality Conscious Market Leaders” and determining for customer satisfaction.

Corporate citizenship
Good corporate citizenship would always be the motto of Yashprabha Group companies in compliance of all relevant laws and regulations and assisting in the improvement of quality of life of the people in the communities around the operation. Volunteering by its employees and collaboration with community groups shall be encouraged by the group companies.

Cooperation within Group companies
The Yashprabha group companies shall cooperate within each other  by sharing knowledge and physical, human and management resources as long as this does not adversely affect its business interests..

Third party representation
Agencies which deal with the Yashprabha group but are not members of the group, such as consultants, dealers, agents, distributors, contractors and suppliers, shall not be authorized to represent a Yashprabha Group company without the written permission of the Group Company. Third parties and their employees are expected to abide by the Code in their interaction with, and on behalf of, a Yashprabha Group company.

Ethical conduct
Every member of a Yashprabha Group company, including full-time directors, will deal on behalf of the company with professionalism, honesty and integrity, with high moral and ethical standards. Such conduct shall be fair and transparent
Work Ethics
Yashprabha Group companies
  Support an ethical work environment.
  Ensure fair treatment towards all company personnel
  Neither resort to or tolerate child labor or forced labor.
  Ensure all legal and statutory compliances.
  Strive to give all company personnel training and opportunity for job enrichment and wider responsibility.
.Every member shall be responsible for the implementation of and compliance with the Code in his / her environment. Failure to adhere to the Code could attract severe consequences, including termination of employment.

Concurrent employment
A Yashprabha Group company shall not, without the officially written approval of the company, accept employment or a position of responsibility (such as a consultant or a director) with any other company,  with or without remuneration. In the case of a full-time director, such approval must be obtained from the board of directors of the company. An employee or a director of a Yashprabha Group company shall not engage in any business, relationship or activity which might conflict with the interest of his / her company or the Yashprabha group unless permitted in official.

Securities transactions and confidential information
An employee of a Yashprabha Group company and his / her immediate family members shall not derive any benefit or assist others to derive any benefit, from company or group or its clients or suppliers. Such insider information might include (without limitation) the following:
  Financial information such as profits, earnings etc.
  Declaration of new product introduced or developed.
  Reformation plans.
An employee of a Yashprabha Group company shall also observe the confidentiality of information pertaining to other companies, their patents, intellectual property rights, trademarks and inventions; and observe a practice of non-disclosure.

Protection of company assets
The assets of a Yashprabha Group company shall not be misused;  These include tangible assets such as equipment and machinery, systems, facilities, materials and resources, as well as intangible assets such as information technology and systems, proprietary information, intellectual property, and relationships with customers and suppliers.

Reporting concerns
Every employee of a Yashprabha Group company shall  report to the management,  when she / he becomes aware of any actual or possible violation of the Code or an event of misconduct or act which is not in the company’s interest.


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