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Our Social Initiatives
Suyash Charitable Trust is a NGO founded by Yashprabha Group of Companies in the year 1980. Suyash is a non Profit Social outfit which exclusively works for upliftment of tribals in India.

" स्वाभिमानी सदाचारी स्वावलंबी स्वयंपूर्ण वनवासी " is our prime moto.

Suyash Charitable Trust aims to give proper education and training to 'Vanwasi' tribals about techniques of Modem farming like:
  Use of quality Seeds
  Organic fertilizers
  Marketing agricultural product etc.
  Water and Land management

So that the tribals can become Self Sufficient and will have a better living in their own villages and will not be required to migrate toward cities.

Suyash has been working with these objectives in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Orissa & Chhattisgarh. At present Suyash is covering total 16 districts, 160 villages, 8,000 families and 10,000 acres of agricultural land in all 4 States. Suyash representatives guide & supervise these activities by staying/visiting tribal areas with a target time frame of 5 years. The guidance support is given maximum for 5 years to a village, during which time, the village is fully developed and expected to achieve self sufficiency. Many villages have come above poverty line and acknowledged the same at government levels. Dhagewadi is one such example where nearly all families have returned their below Povertyline Certificates to the Government.

Suyash is an endeavor of the Yashprabha group to contribute towards development of the lesser known 'Vanwasi' community.

With the culture of nuclear families and both parents working full time, imparting 'value' education to the child is left as a wanting but practically not possible option for the parents. Jijau Prathisthan has taken up the responsibility of bridging this gap.

Jijau is trying to inculcate cultural values in children while giving equal importance to the requirement of physical activity required for young children and ensuring that the children's concentration & liking are taken care of. This is done through various activities that are conducted everyday for 1 hour in the evening.

Jijau Prathisthan, established in 2005, is operative at 35 locations in Pune city with more than 550 children benefiting from its daily Sanskar Varg.

Daily activities, at the 'Jijau Varg', include prarthana, open airgames, vyayam, reading stories / biographies of Indian leaders/achievers, singing inspirational songs, badbad geet, reciting shlokas etc. Besides the daily activities Jijau also conducts Diwali vacation classes to enhance the creativity of children, arranges field trips, picnics, fun-fair, annual gathering - activities that will encourage children to participate, showcase talent and give their imagination areas to explore.

Jijau is working on the fundamentals of Suyash Charitable Trust with an aim to contribute to society improvement. With the professional guidance from Yashprabha Group companies, Jijau activities are conducted with planning from professionals, well- trained teachers, and daily monitoring through separately allotted senior teachers. Jijau Varga activities are regularly monitored for their performance and all teachers are trained with routine teacher & class assessment.

Jijau Sanskar Varg is the platform for exposing children to Indian heritage which will make them well-educated and culturally sound adults with an appreciation for their Indian background.



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