About Us

The Pune based Yashprabha Group, founded by technocrat and visionary Mr. Yashavant G Ghaisas, back in 1964 has now grown into a conglomerate thriving in innovative and indigenous technologies. Indigenous development to deliver innovative technologies has always been the motto of the Yashprabha Group. A pioneer by attitude with flair for innovation, Mr.Ghaisas is credited with introducing the single phasing preventor for protecting motor burnout due to phase loss/fluctuation – this product introduced the brand Minilec in the market. He has also pioneered the technology of Powder Coating to India in 1970 – under the brand name of Statfield.

Mrs.Smita Ghaisas joined the business in 1970 and strengthened the hands of the founder by taking charge of Minilec, which is now an acclaimed quality player of the supply side monitoring protection & control relays and annunciation systems in various industrial sectors. She holds positions as expert consultant for MSME with the central government ministry alongwith responsibilities of Laghu Udyog Bharati

Yashprabha Group has diversified into three major verticals – Electronics, Surface Coating and Material Handling – establishing popular brands like Minilec, Statfield and Intech