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Intech Energy systems, a Yashprabha enterprise, is based in Pune, India. Yashaprabha has been at the forefront of the Indian market for four plus decades with brands ‘Minilec’, ‘Intech’, ‘Statfield’ in diverse fields like industrial electronics, surface coating, material handling, automated storages and bio-fuels. Our groups enjoy the reputation of being technology leaders in their respective fields of operation, a claim substantiated by a wealth of domestic and international patents.

The Intech Group has rich and varied engineering experience. Equipped with a state of the art engineering design facility and a large talent pool of qualified engineers, the Intech brand is well-known across four continents in the areas of surface coating, material handling and automated storage & retrieval. The export market for Intech stretches from Indonesia to Mexico. The group has an extensive service network.