Social Endeavour
Social Endeavour

The foundation of the Yashprabha Group is based on its commitment towards giving back to the society. This commitment is seen through Suyash Charitable Trust – the NGO headed by the Yashprabha Group founder – Mr.Yashavant Ghaisas.

Establishment in the year 1980, Suyash Charitable Trust is fuelled by the Yashprabha Group companies and has been relentlessly working for the past 4 decades in Vanawasi (tribal) areas in 6 states of India. Economical upliftment of vanawasi through agricultural development is the prime focus area of Suyash. Suyash has developed a 5 year program- which starts with a thorough study of the soil, climate, water availability, food habits in that region etc and concludes with ensuring the vanawasi are self sufficient and economically stable through their farming harvest. Suyash works with the vanawasi by training them with various farming techniques, cash crops and even food processing after consistent harvesting is started. Experts from different fields are working with Suyash to provide best solution to regional issues observed. Suyash has reached more than 1 lakh vanawasi families and successfully transformed their lives through agriculture, thus providing them a better earning alternative thus dissuading them from migrating to cities. Suyash has arranged several Anand-Melas and Krishi-Shala – to educate, train and appreciate the work done by the Vanawasi.

Suyash Motto – ” स्वाभिमानी सदाचारी स्वावलंबी स्वयंपूर्ण वनवासी “

Jijau Prathisthan is an offshoot of Suyash – which works on educating children in the age group of 8-15, in economically backward areas of Pune city. Started in 2005, Jijau has guided more than 4000 children and works with an aim of inculcating character developing and life skills to children besides working on the strengthening the fundamentals concepts of subjects taught in school.